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Ransomware is the most common cyber threat Canadians face. Discover Cyber Centre resources to help you understand and defend against ransomware.

Alerts and advisories

The Cyber Centre issues alerts and advisories on potential, imminent or actual cyber threats, vulnerabilities or incidents affecting Canada's critical infrastructure.

An introduction to the cyber threat environment

This introductory document provides baseline knowledge about the cyber threat environment, including cyber threat actors and their motivations, sophistication, techniques, tools, and the cyber threat surface.


Cyber threats and elections

The Cyber Centre works to safeguard federal elections to protect democracy in Canada. This page offers training resources, tailored advice and guidance publications and additional services for voters, political parties, and election authorities.


Tools and Services

Industry collaboration

The Cyber Centre builds strategic partnerships with Canada’s critical infrastructure owners and operators in order to share enhanced cyber threat information and to promote the integration of cyber defence technology.



Assemblyline is a malware detection and analysis tool developed by the Cyber Centre and released to the cyber security community.

Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP)

The Cyber Centre relies on the Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP) to certify Information Technology (IT) products that are ready for procurement.


Get Involved

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Learning Hub

The Cyber Centre’s Learning Hub offers courses on basic, advanced and specialized topics in cyber security for employees of the Government of Canada and those who work on systems of importance to the Government of Canada.