Alerts[Control Systems] NicheStack TCP/IP Stack Security Advisory

Number: AV21-372
Date: 04 August 2021

On 4 August 2021 two security research labs published a report publicly disclosing a set of vulnerabilities known collectively as “INFRA:HALT” in the NicheStack TCP/IP stack implementation. Among the 14 zero-day vulnerabilities are two, CVE-2020-25928 and CVE-2021-31226, which are rated as critical. The following products are affected:

  • InterNiche – multiple packages and versions
  • NicheLite – multiple packages and versions

NicheStack TCP/IP stack is a low-level technology embedded in numerous devices utilized in operational technology and critical infrastructure, with a high concentration in manufacturing.

Exploitation of these critical vulnerabilities could result in remote code execution. Exploitation of the other disclosed vulnerabilities could result in denial of service, information leaks, TCP spoofing, or DNS cache poisoning.

The Cyber Centre encourages users and administrators to review the provided web links, perform the suggested mitigations and apply the necessary updates.

Additional vendors affected by the reported vulnerabilities may also release security advisories related to their impacted products.

HCC Embedded Security Advisories (NicheStack)

Forescout INFRA:HALT

JFRrog INFRA:HALT 14 New Security Vulnerabilities Found in NicheStack

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