The cyber threat environment in Canada is always changing. We expect cyber threat actors to shift their methods and targets based on their evolving priorities, motivations, and capabilities.

In this assessment, we identified current trends in the cyber threat environment. Wherever possible, we highlighted the likelihood of cyber threat activity and examined how it can affect Canadians, as well as Canadian businesses and critical infrastructure.

In general, most of the cyber threats that we discussed can be mitigated through awareness and best practices in cyber security and business continuity. Cyber threats and influence operations succeed today because they exploit deeply rooted human behaviours and social patterns, and not merely technological vulnerabilities. Defending Canada against cyber threats and related influence operations requires addressing both the technical and social elements of cyber threat activity.

As the National Cyber Security Strategy recognizes, Canadian citizens, businesses, and critical infrastructure operators need to have confidence in the cyber systems we rely on every day. We are making a difference. The Cyber Centre approach of security through collaboration brings together expertise from government, industry, and academia to tackle the toughest cyber challenges that Canada faces. Working together, we can make Canada more resilient against cyber threats.

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