Alerts[Control Systems] Siemens Security Advisory

Number: AV21-458
Date: 14 September 2021

On 14 September 2021 Siemens published Security Advisories to address vulnerabilities in the following products:

  • Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Viewer – versions prior to V2021.2.1
  • RUGGEDCOM ROX – multiple platforms, versions prior to V2.14.1
  • NX 1980 Series – versions prior to V1984
  • SINEC NMS – versions prior to V1.0 SP1
  • Cerberus DMS – multiple platforms and versions
  • Desigo CC – multiple platforms and versions
  • SIPROTEC 5 relays – multiple platforms and versions
  • GMA-Manager – all versions with OIS running Debian 9 or prior
  • Operation Scheduler – all versions with OIS running Debian 9 or prior
  • Siveillance Control – all versions with OIS running Debian 9 or prior
  • Siveillance Control Pro – all versions
  • SIMATIC – multiple platforms, all versions
  • SCALANCE – multiple platforms and versions
  • Industrial Edge Management – versions prior to V1.3
  • LOGO! CMR2020/2040 – versions prior to V2.2
  • APOGEE – multiple platforms and versions
  • TALON TC Compact/Modular – versions prior to V3.5.3

Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could lead to denial-of-service, remote code execution, data extraction, privilege escalation, unauthorized access, configuration manipulation, or user impersonation.

The Cyber Centre encourages users and administrators to review the provided web link, perform the suggested mitigations and apply the necessary updates.

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